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Please add Nan, Chapathi only with an Entree. Just Nan/Chapathi orders without any other items might not be fulfilled and orders refunded. If you require Nan/Chapathi in bulk please call Restaurant to discuss feasibility and timing. Thank You.

Tandoori Roti

Whole Wheat Bread made in tandoor oven

Side of Onions & Lemons  
Extra Raita

Extra Raita - 8 oz

Extra Raita ( 8 oz )

Side Large Raita - 8oz

Extra Salan

Extra Salan - 8 oz

Extra Salan ( 8 oz ) 

Side Large Salan - 8oz

Thin and light flatbread made from whole wheat flour
Plain Naan

Bread made in Tandoor Oven from refined wheat flour

Mint Chutney
Butter Naan

Bread made in tandoor oven from refined wheat flour.

Garlic Naan

Bread made in tandoor oven is topped with minced garlic.


Deep fried unleavened whole wheat bread.


Lentil based vegetable stew

Basmati Rice

Plain basmati rice steam cooked and served with a hint of butter.

Achar/Spicy Pickle 

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