- Vegan   - Gluten Free  


Coconut Chicken Soup

Tender pieces of chicken blended with coconut, herbs & spices

Tomato Coriander Soup 

A delicious soup of tomatoes & herbs (traditional Indian soup) 

Veg Mulligatawny Soup   

A traditional lentil soup subtly flavored with herbs & spices. The popular soup from South India 

Chicken Mulligatawny Soup  

<p> A traditional lentil soup subtly flavored with herbs & spices. The popular soup from South India </p>


Chicken Tikka $1.00 Extra

House Special Salad

Mixed greens tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes  & onions mixed with homemade dressing 



Samosa (2 Pcs.)  

Crispy pastry shells stuffed with a zesty  combination of spiced potatoes & peas

Jalapeno Samosa (5 Pcs)

Crispy patties stuffed with a mixture of potatoes & jalapeno 

Samosa Chaat

Pieces of samosa served with chickpeas  & topped with yogurt, fresh tamarind sauce  & mint chutney in special Indian spices 

Aloo Tikki ( 5 Pcs. )

Spicy potato cakes. Served with mint & tamarind sauce

Lasuni Gobi  

Crispy cauliflower cooked with ginger garlic spicy sauce

Chilli Paneer
Chunks of paneer, peppers & onions in soy garlic sauce
Crispy Eggplant Chaat  

Pieces of eggplant in special Indian spices topped with tamarind & mint sauce

Veg. Manchurian

A delicious Indo-Chinese dish. Mix veg. balls cooked in a special Chinese style sauce


Fried cauliflower cooked in Chinese style sauce


Chicken 65

Crispy chicken fritters 

Chicken Pepper Fry

Stir-fried chicken with Indian herbs & spices 

Chili Shrimp

Shrimp sautéed with bell pepper and onion in sweet and spicy garlic sauce

Chili Chicken
Chunks of chicken with peppers, tomatoes & ginger in spicy garlic sauce
Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp battered fried with sweet coconut.Served with mango sauce
Fish Kolivada

Crispy fish fritters tossed with blend of aromatic Indian spices & curry leaves 


(Served with Rice )

Safron Paneer Tikka

Cubed homemade cottage cheese marinated in  aromatic Indian spices roasted in the clay oven 

Chicken Tikka  

Boneless & juicy chunks of chicken marinated in  aromatic Indian herbs & broiled in the clay oven 

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Mouthwatering & succulent pieces of chicken  & coriander in tomato & onion marinated  with Indian spices & cooked in a clay oven 

Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken sizzled with lemon & Indian spices

Shrimp Tandoori

Fresh jumbo shrimp marinated in freshly ground  spices & grilled in our seasoned Tandoori 

Lamb Chops

Chops of lamb marinated in a blend of yogurt  & spices, grilled in a clay oven 

Mostly Grill Chef Special Tandoori

Assortment of chicken tandoori, fish tikka, seekh  kebab, lamb chop & tandoori prawns

Salmon Tikka  

Cubes of fresh salmon seasoned in yogurt,  Indian spices & herbs, then grilled in a clay oven 

Honey Garlic Salmon

Salmon seasoned in honey & garlic with Indian spices & herbs then grilled in a clay oven

Malai Kabab

Boneless chicken breast meat marinated with sour cream, yogurt & aromatic spice

Chicken Hariyali (Pahadi) Kabab

Chunks of chicken marinated with cilantro, mint & parsley cooked in clay oven


Tandoori Naan

Traditional Indian flatbread baked in a  clay oven, served plain or with butter 

Garlic Naan

White flour bread topped with fresh garlic 

Peshawari Naan

White bread stuffed with raisin, nuts & coconut 

Rosemary & Olives Naan

Rosemary naan with extra virgin olive oil & olives

Fig Naan

Dried fig stuffed naan. Served plain or with butter

Onion Kulcha

Bread stuffed with seasoned onions, cilantro & kalonji seeds 

Cheese & Garlic Naan

Stuffed cheese naan with garlic

Tandoori Roti

An unleavened whole wheat bread. Served plain or with butter 

Aloo Paratha 

Whole wheat bread stuffed with seasoned potatoes, served plain or butter

Chicken Tikka Naan

Stuffed grilled chicken naan

Latchha Paratha  

Traditional punjabi whole-wheat layered bread, served plain or with butter

Gobi Paratha  

Whole wheat bread stuffed with cauliflowers, served plain or butter


Naan or Roti / Garlic Naan / Stuffed Naan


(Served with Rice) Any Entree Can Be Made with Coconut Milk

Dal Fry   

Yellow lentils cooked with herbs & spices 

Aloo Ghobi   

Cauliflower & potatoes sauteed with tomatoes & onions with fresh Indian spices 

Chana Masala   

Chickpeas,onions & ginger coked  in with Indian spices & tomato sauce 

Saag Paneer

Homemade cheese & spinach  simmered in a cream sauce 

Kadai Paneer

Homemade cottage cheese  stir fried with bell peppers, onions & tomatoes 

Paneer Makhani
Cottage cheese cooked in buttery homemade sauce & spices
Paneer Tikka Masala

Indian cottage cheese cubes grilled to perfection & cooked in gravy with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & Indian spices

Chana Saag 

Finely cut garden fresh spinach cooked with mixed spices & chickpeas 

Baigan Bharta   

Baked eggplant cooked in onions, tomatoes & herb and spices.

Malai Kofta

Soft & creamy cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits & cooked in a mild creamy sauce 

Mushroom Butter Masala

Creamy curry made with mushrooms, butter & soothing spices

Veg. Jalfrezi  

Mixed vegetables cooked in aromatic Indian spices, tomatoes, bell peppers & onions

Navaratan Korma   
Mixed vegetables cooked in thick gravy cooked with creamy sauce
Saag Aloo
Potatoes cooked with fresh spianch & authentic spices
Bhindi Masala   

Fresh green oakra cooked with onions, tomatoes & Indian spices

Dal Makhani   

Black lentils slowly cooked with fresh Indian spices 

Matar Paneer

Homemade cheese & peas cooked in a mild curry 

Bombay Aloo   

Chunks of potatoes stir-fried with bell peppers, cumin seeds, spices & onions


(Served with Rice)


Served with Rice

Chicken Tikka Masala 

Tender boneless chicken pieces grilled in our tandoor clay oven over tomato & onion based cream sauce with fresh herbs & Indian spices

Chicken Vindaloo 

A delicious combination of marinated chicken cubes & potatoes in a tangy flavored sauce

Chicken Kadai 
Chicken curry tossed with onions, bell pepper, ginger, garlic &
freshly grounded Indian spices.
Butter Chicken Masala 
Chunks of chicken cooked in a smooth,buttery
& creamy tomato based gravy
Chicken Hyderabadi 

Boneless chicken curry cooked in cocout milk with herbs and  spices.

Chicken Chettinad 

Spicy Indian curry cooked with mastard seeds, curry leaves  & coconut milk

Pistachio Chicken tikka masala  

Chicken tikka cooked in pistachio sauce with aromatic Indian spices.

Chicken Korma
Tender chunks of chicken tossed in mildly
spiced & herbed cream sauce.
Mango Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh mangoes,
traditional spices & a touch of ginger.
Chicken Kashmiri

Chicken cooked in rich creamy sauce flavored with nuts & raisins.

Chicken Curry 
Traditional Indian curry with chicken that is
cooked with fresh herbs & spices.
Chicken Saag 
Chicken cooked in pureed fresh spinach & herbs


Served with Rice

Lamb Curry

Lamb sauteed in traditional curry with a mix of herbs & spices

Goat Curry

Goat meat sautéed in traditional curry with a mix of herbs & spices

Lamb Vindaloo

Boneless lamb with potatoes cooked in tangy hot curry.

Goat Vindaloo

Bone in goat meat cooked  with potatoes in tangy curry sauce .

Kadai Lamb

An aromatic lamb preparation with tomatoes, onions & crushed spices

Lamb Hyderabadi 

Lamb curry in a variety of  spice.

Kadai Goat

An aromatic lamb preparation with tomatoes, onions & crushed spices

Lamb Korma 
Succulent lamb pieces simmered in herbs,
spices & a rich creamy sauce.
Mango Lamb

Lamb cooked in a fresh mango cubes & aromatic spices an all-time favorite!

Lamb Rogan Josh

Tender juicy lamb pieces cooked traditional Indian spices.

Lamb Kashmiri

Lamb cooked in rich creamy sauce flavored with nuts & raisins.

Lamb Saag

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with pureed spinach & spices


Lamb cooked with onions & bell peppers in aromatic Indian spices

Lamb Bhuna

Tender cubes of lamb cooked with onions, garlic, ginger & bell peppers with curry sauce


Served with Rice

Shrimp Curry
Shrimp sauteed in traditional curry sauce.
Fish Curry

Fish Sauteed in traditional curry sauce

Shrimp Saag
Shrimp cooked in curried spinach mixed
with authentic herbs & spices.
Shrimp Vindaloo

A Goan specialty of shrimp  cooked in a tangy hot sauce.

Fish Vindaloo

A Goan specialty of fish cooked in a tangy hot sauce

Mango Shrimp
Shrimp cooked in a delicious mango flavored
sauce & aromatic spices an all time favorite
Goan Fish curry
A traditional Goan fish curry cooked
to perfection with taste of coconut milk.
Shrimp Tikka Masala
Shrimp cooked in the tandoor clay oven & then smothered in
creamy tomato sauce with onions & peppers.
Kadai Shrimp

Shrimp prepared with tomatoes & onions with bell peppers in Indian spices

Fish Malabari
A traditional fish curry with an array of
Indian spices, cooked with coconut milk.
Shrimp Korma

Shrimp cooked in a rich creamy with herbs & spices.

Shrimp Malabari

A traditional fish curry with an array of Indian spices, cooked with coconut milk


Vegetable Fried Rice

Rice tossed with ginger, garlic & vegetables with Indo-Chinese spices

Chicken Fried Rice

Rice tossed with ginger, garlic & chicken with Indo-Chinese spices

Shrimp Fried Rice

Rice tossed with ginger, garlic & shrimp with Indo-Chinese spices

Szechuan Vegetable Fried Rice 

Steamed rice tossed in ginger, garlic & mixed vegetables with spicy Szechuan sauce

Szechuan Chicken Fried Rice

Steamed rice tossed in ginger, garlic & chicken with spicy Szechuan sauce

Szechuan Shrimp Fried Rice

Steamed rice tossed in ginger, garlic & shrimp with spicy Szechuan sauce

Veg Hakka Noodles

Noodles cooked with fresh mixed vegetables & Chinese style sauce

Chicken Hakka Noodles

Noodles cooked with chicken & Chinese style sauce

Shrimp Hakka Noodles

Noodles cooked with shrimp & Chinese style sauce

Mostly Grill Special Fried Rice
Special fried rice with eggs, chicken, vegetables & shrimp
Egg Fried Rice
A popular Indo-Chinese recipe with eggs,
finely chopped garlic, onions & vegetables






(Served with Raita) Extra Raita 2.00

Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables,
Indian herbs & spices
Egg Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with egg & blended
with exotic Indian spices & herbs
Chicken Biryani 
Long grain basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces
of chicken & blended with exotic Indian spices & herbs
Goat Biryani
Succulent pieces of goat with bone cooked with basmati
rice over a low-fire with aromatic Indian herbs & spices
Lamb Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with herb & spices with lamb



Traditional Indian mango flavored sweet yogurt beverage

Thumps Up / Limca

Indian beverages

Sodas (Ask for Choice)

Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Fanta, Sunkist, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Club Soda, Seltzer

Homemade Iced Tea (Sweetened )
Sparkling Water Bottle
Indian Masala Tea

Tea with ginger cardamom & milk



orange kulfi
Gulab Jamun (3 Pcs.)

Homemade flour dumplings in warm sweet syrup


Homemade cheese in chilled sweet milk with cardamom & pistachio


Authentic homemade rice pudding flavored with cardamom, raisins & cashew nuts.


Plain Yogurt

Fresh yogurt with spices & chopped vegetables

Red Onion Chutney 

Red onion seasoned with authentic spices

Mango Chutney

Sweet & sour mangoes in Indian spices 


Roasted Crisp lentil wafers

Mixed Pickle

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