Sambar Soup

Thick vegetable soup made with lentils and vegetables 

Tomato Soup

House special - delicately flavored with coriander, cumin and spices 

Veg Clear Soup

Thin soup made with chopped vegetables.  

Veg Corn Soup

Thin soup made with sweet corn kernels and vegetables 

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Served hot, enjoy this home style sweet corn and boneless chicken soup. 

Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup

Thick soup with julienned vegetables

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup

Thick soup with boneless chicken and julienned vegetables



Aavakai Idli

A special dish made of fried idli covered in Aavakai(mango) paste and sautéed herbs & spices


Kaarampodi Corn

Fried Baby Corn sautéed with special herbs and house special kaarampodi which makes it a perfect starter.

Karivepaku Corn (Curry Leaves) (new item)

Marinated Corn is fried and sautéed with house special curry leaves paste, chilli powder, lemon juice for the perfect flavor


Gobi Manchuria

Stir fried florets of cauliflower spiced and sauteed in Manchurian sauce


Temper Gobi (Spicy)

Gobi marinated in spicy sauce and sautéed for a tantalizing flavor


Kaarampodi Idli (new item)

Fried Idli tossed and sautéed with house special Kaarampodi


Guntur Paneer (Spicy)

Paneer cubes sautéed in spicy chili paste to perfection 


Corn Manchurian

Deep fried baby corn sautéed with hot and sweet chilli sauce

Veg Manchurian

Mix vegetable dumpling cooked in Indo Chinese style 

Paneer 555

Deep fried paneer cooked in special Cashew sauce

Chilli Paneer (CHEF’S SPECIAL)

Deep fried paneer sautéed with onions and green chilies

Chilli Idli

A house special dish - deep fried idli coated in special sauce and sautéed with garlic and hot chilli. 


Chicken Lollipop (Dry) (4)

Chicken drumsticks marinated in spices, coated in zesty batter, deep fried and served with hot garlic sauce.

Karivepaku Chicken (new item)

Marinated Chicken fried with chilli powder, lemon juice, turmeric powder and Curry leaf


Masala Allam Kodi (Ginger Chicken)

Boneless chicken fried and tossed with authentic paste, Cilantro and spices


Kaju Kodi Fry (Cashew Chicken Fry)

Chicken marinated with house blend spices sautéed in cashew paste


Mutton Pepper Fry (Bone-In)

Bone-In goat grilled to perfection with green chilles,curry leaves and spices.


Masala Lollipop Chicken (4)

Chicken drumsticks marinated and tossed in masala base sauce 

Chicken 65 (Dry) (Bawarchi Special)

Spring chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and fried for an extra crispy taste.

Kaarampodi Kodi (Chicken) (Spicy)

Boneless chicken deep fried, sautéed to make it juicy, with kaarampodi, special herbs and spices making it a perfect appetizer. 

Guntur Chicken (Spicy)

Boneless chicken marinated and sauteed with special spicy sauce

Chilli Chicken

Indo-Chinese style fried chicken sautéed with onions, bell peppers and chilies.

Chicken 555

Deep fried chicken cooked in special Cashew sauce. 

Kothimeera Kodi (Chicken)

Boneless chicken fried and tossed with green chilies, Cilantro and spices 

Mutton Roast Boneless (Bawarchi Special)

Boneless goat fried and tossed with green chillies, curry leaves and spices 


Apollo Fish

Fish cooked in Indo Chinese style with a hint of herbs.

Chilli Fish

Fish spiced with green chilli sauce and curry leaves.

Chilli Shrimp

Fried shrimp sautéed with tangy chilli sauce


Andhra Masala Fried Fish

Fish pieces marinated in freshly ground paste, spices, then coated with house batter and fried

Guntur Shrimp (Spicy

Boiled shrimp sautéed with spicy chilli sauce, herbs and spices which makes it a perfect succulent starter.




Most commonly known as a cylindrical clay oven, one of the oldest forms of grill used for cooking barbecue style dishes and Indian bread…. At Bawarchi you will not miss that authentic taste…. (Minimum 30 mins wait)

Paneer Tikka Kabab

Cottage Cheese cubes and onions marinated in a spicy sauce 

Chicken Tikka Kabab (BAWARCHI SPECIAL)

Chicken breast marinated in spices and yoghurt and grilled in our clay oven.

Malai Tikka Kabab

Boneless chicken breast, marinated in our Chef's secret creamy garlic sauce

Mutton Chops (6) (20 minutes)
Tandoori Chicken (Half - 2 leg pieces)

Grilled bone-in chicken marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger and fresh ground spices 

Tandoori Chicken (Full- 4 leg pieces)

Grilled bone-in chicken marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger and fresh ground spices 

Mutton Chops (4) (20 minutes)

Bone-in goat chops marinated in our spices and grilled in the clay oven.

Tandoori Pomfret (Fish) Bawarchi Special

Whole fish marinated in yoghurt sauce and grilled in the clay oven 

Bawarchi Tandoori Mix Grill

Combination of Tandoori Chicken, Malai kabab, Chicken tikka kabab and Mutton chops 

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