- Vegan   - Gluten Free  


Saag Paneer

Chunks of cheese & chopped spinach cooked in a delicous rich sauce

Malai Kofta

Mixed vegetable dumplings simmered in a creamy sauce with nuts and raisins

Yellow Daal Tarka

Textured lentils delicately tempered and cooked with exotic spices on low heat, cilantro garnish

Chana Saag

Chick peas & spinach cooked in creamy spiced sauce

Mushroom Matar

Choice mushroos and green peas cooked in a delicious curry sauce. A specialty of north India

Baingan Bhurtha

Eggplant cooked on skewer in clay oven, chopped and mixed with tomatoes, onions and spices

Mushroom Kaliyaan

Garden fresh mushrooms cooked in a creamy sauce with herb and spices

Aaloo Gobi Masala

Caulifl ower & potatoes cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices on low heat, cilantro and ginger garnish


Chick peas, onions and tomatoes cooked in a thick sauce infused with a combination of spices

Shahi Sabz Korma

A royal treat. Fresh vegetables gently cooked in creamy coconut sauce garnished with nuts and raisins

Bhooni Bhindi

Fresh green okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and various herbs and spices

Spinach Kofta

Fresh spinach and mix vegetable dumplings in a thick brown gravy. A must have dish

Saag Aaloo

Potatoes cooked with fresh spinach and authentic spices

Baghare Baingan

Fresh baby eggplant simmered in tamarind and oconut gravy with touch of mustard and tomatoes

Vegetable Patiala

Garden fresh vegetables cooked with julianne ginger, mustard seed and curry leaves in a yogurt sauce


Black lentils delicately tempered and cooked with exotic spices on low heat .


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