Keema Chicken Dosa
Kal Dosa

2 soft pancakes served with chutney and sambar

Plain Dosa

A plain crispy pancake made of fermented rice batter served with chutney and sambar

Onion Dosa

Crispy dosa topped with chopped onion

Egg Dosa

Beaten eggs layered on the crispy dosa with added pepper and salt

Masala Dosa

Crispy dosa filled with potato masala, chutney and sambar

Mysore Masala Dosa

A Karnataka delicacy with a spicy twist to the plain dosa. Spicy dosa topped with chilies and mint chutney and clarified butter

Gobi Masala Dosa

Dosa filled with cauliflower based masala

Paneer Dosa

Shredded cottage cheese filled in soft/crispy dosa

Paper Dosa

Classic South Indian crispy rolled thin crêpes made with rice and lentil batter served with varieties of chutney and sambar

Ghee Dosa

A kid favorite cone dosa splashed with pure clarified butter

Paper Podi Dosa

Long crispy dosa topped with spicy chutney powder

Ghee Podi Dosa

Crispy dosa with a spicy red chutney powder topping and clarified butter

Rava Dosa Plain

A plain, crispy thin dosa made with semolina batter

Rava Dosa Onion

Crispy rava dosa topped with chopped onion

Rava Onion Masala

Plain rava dosa topped with potato masala

Plain Uthappam

A soft and fluffy sumptuous an Indian pancake

Egg Uthappam

Beaten egg layered on soft uthappam

Chili Onion Uthappam

Chopped chilies and onion topped on the soft pancake

Tomoto Bell Pepper Uthappam

Sliced tomato and bell pepper topped on the soft uthappam

Kari Dosa Chicken

Plain uthappam topped with beaten egg and stuffed with chicken chukka

Kari Dosa Mutton

Minced mutton mixed with egg beaten and topped as thick layer

Mutton Keema Dosa

Dosa stuffed inside with minced mutton blended with beaten eggs

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